How To Get Out of a Sales Slump

  How To Get Out of a Sales Slump? First Understand The Cause How to get out of a sales slump: If you are in sales long enough you will experience sales slumps, it's "par for the course". In my, over 35 years of selling I've been in a few sales slumps and the question...

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Wants and Needs In Sales

Wants and Needs Wants and needs, what would you rather sell to? A person who "wants" a luxury item will pay a lot of money for it if they want it bad enough.   It's definitely an emotional purchase because it makes them feel a certain way. The unfortunate side of a...

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How to Get Your Client To Agree Without Saying Yes

A Great Technique to Get Your Client to Agree There must be many times when you want your client to agree. “You went to my website, you are reading my post, you are interested in selling, so contact me talk and let’s see where it goes." The sentence you just read in...

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